Drillift Crane and Transport (“Drillift”) provides a specialist service working with and for utility owners and major contractors for the construction, maintenance and repair service of Distribution and Transmission Electrical Networks.Our trucks and cranes are in compliance with Ventia & Western Power regulations, hence be able to offer many years of reliable service.

Offering a range of truck-mounted equipment with skilled and competent operators capable of all aspects of powerline requirements. We can assist with store and bulk pole deliveries to remote country lay down areas. The removal of old poles and butts from jobsites as well as lay down area clean ups once job is completed.
We also offer vehicle recovery as we have a 6×6 equipped winch truck. This is ideal for all terrains. This truck also functions as a crane borer and a termination pole tensioning and releasing of conductors, which is necessary for this type of work.

Northwest Powerlines have been involved with transmission maintenance in the Pilbara & Kimberly regions. Specifically, with the Millstream tower diversions in the Pilbara region. As well as long running work with Ord River Hydro Scheme Maintenance transmission lines from Lake Argyle to Kununurra, using helicopters and boats to complete the work. Darren has extensive experience in termination poles of all configurations, cross beam change outs, tower earth tap replacement, line patrols via helicopter, ground line patrols, insulator change outs, live insulator (220kv) change outs on towers and silguarding.

For the past 10 years Darren has successfully owner/operated companies – Northwest Powerlines and Blackrock Construction. Working as a linesman/crane, truck driver on remote indigenous communities in the Kimberley region and is now back in Perth to improve the services offered by the sister company, Drillift. With all this combined with 20 years experience in a vast range of logistic and powerline operations, Drillift is capable of always completing any task given, all from one company.

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